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A wine tradition of excellence in our selections

From the history and tradition of Italy in the production of fine and sought-after wines all over the world. Donato deals with the international export of selected brands and labels, a symbol of the quality and industriousness of the Italian wine sector.


And to seal this quality, Donato exports an exclusive line of white and red wines produced in Italy to the market of reference.


Today, Italy is the first wine-growing country in the world. We offer a wide range of both white and red wines, selecting them amongst the most prestigious and then exporting them world-wide.

 A careful analysis and meticulous research of high quality and absolute refinement have led to the production of these two proposals, rich in body, aroma and olfactory elegance.

Sangiovese Rubicone


– Sangiovese –

Cultivated from Romagna to Campania, Sangiovese is one of the most widespread Italian vines. Traditionally, it is the most cultivated vine in Tuscany.

With a bright ruby red color and a very fragrant bouquet, it is a wine with a dry, frank and harmonious taste. Ideal with Romagna cuisine and excellent with roasted and grilled meat, it is a wine for the entire meal. It is served at a temperature of 16-18 °, and has an alcohol content of 11.5% vol.


Trebbiano Rubicone


– Trebbiano –

Trebbiano Rubicone, typical of Emilia Romagna, is a fermentation wine at a controlled temperature in order to keep the aromas and the typical characteristics of the vine intact. The Charmat method gives the characteristic fine and persistent effervescence, and the fresh and tantalizing bouquet enhances its flavor. With a light yellow color that is then revealed to be golden and pure green, it is a wine with an enchanting scent of barrels, citrus fruits and field herbs. The flavor has marked notes of lemon and dried fruit, perfect for appetizers, fish and boiled dishes.

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