Scotch Whisky. Exclusive proposals by Donato®

Scotch Whisky. All the excitement of history and tradition

Aged in wooden barrels, this alcoholic beverage is boasted by lovers and admirers of this whisky all over the world. Obtained from the distillation of a fermented must of barley and cereals or only barley, whisky tells the story of an ancient art of distillation that dates back to the Middle Ages.
Furthermore, whisky still maintains an unparalleled commercial charm; time, in the distilleries, seems to have stopped and the entire production process continues to respect an ancient ritual that relives in a remote past. And so it goes, from grandparents, to fathers, to offspring, the tradition continues.

Donato has been able to take up the legacy of an ancient history and give such a beloved product its particularity: the experience and knowledge of such a fascinating world, which still thrives on trade and distribution from one part of the world to another.
It is with these premises that Donato presents its exclusive line of whiskey:  Dun Eideann and The Doborn.


The legacy of an ancient history, the knowledge of a fascinating world

Distillates Exclusively in Stills

Dun Eideann
Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Produced in Scotland, single malt Scotch whisky owes its particularity and its unmistakable flavor to the ingredients and the processing procedure: the barley malt is left to germinate in water and fermented with yeasts and then distilled exclusively in stills. This is how the exclusive Dun Eideann was born: a unique taste to try and share.

The Doborn
Blended Scotch Whisky

Born from a blend of different single whiskies, the Blended Scotch Whisky obtains its own well-defined and recognizable character from the union of the flavors of various distilleries. The Malts and Grains that make up this blend have been chosen in order to blend together and enhance their respective flavors. The result is a very characteristic product, with a rich yet simple aroma and taste at the same time.

Whisky Distilleries in Scotland