Exclusive Vodka

From the Russian and Polish tradition, vodka is a distillate obtained from the fermentation of starch and pulp of potatoes and cereals. After the distillation procedure, which reveals three key steps of different alcohol content, you get a world-famous spirits finish.
Vodka is a distillate to be drunk smooth and cold: according to the customs of the countries of origin, freshness is the best condition to savor all the fullness and structure.

Donato has been able to capture this original flavor with truly unparalleled strength and character: the Swietovit Exclusive Vodka.
A bottle known all over the world by enthusiasts and admirers of this unique distillate.

cl 100 – alc 40%

Vodka Selection

Excellent in the preparation of first courses, for appetizers and marinated vegetables, for cocktails and long drinks, vodka completes other ingredients with notes of freshness while adding a pleasant harmony to the taste.

With the exclusive Donato brand, distributed all over the world, Swietovit offers pleasant sensations and has proven to be the perfect combination in the kitchen, at the aperitif or as a moment to be enjoyed in the company of others. 

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