The Bay Isle of Rum

Obtained from the distillation of molasses and sugar cane, rum tells of an ancient story. Protagonist of stories related to the navy and pirates, rum has five phases in its production process: the production of sugar cane, fermentation, distillation in stills, aging in American oak barrels and mixing,  which involves the union of the rum that was contained in different barrels.


And it is precisely the blend designed to create the right rum that makes the producer the true expert of the different vintages, barrels and gradations, all perfectly combined to obtain the desired rum.
With its special selection, Bay Isle of Rum Donato, the taste of rum explodes in all its strength and character becoming a product which is much appreciated and distributed all over the world

cl 100 – alc 37,5%


Knowledge, experience and tradition in the alcohol trade

– White Rum Selection –

Donato offers Bay Isle of Rum in two versions: White Rum, with a dry taste, transparent color, with a light gradation and a very fragrant aroma and Dark Rum, much more intense and marked, with a full and rich body.


– Dark Rum Selection –

Very suitable with the intense taste of chocolate and the defined aromas of spices, rum is the timeless ingredient of delicious cocktails or as a current and versatile accompaniment to cheeses, finger food, desserts and ethnic dishes.

With its selection, Donato offers international markets
a beloved and innovative product, capable of surprising in every use.

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