Business established in Genoa since 1947

In our selections a wine

making tradition

that is always excellent

Today, Italy is the top wine

making country in the world

From the Italian history and tradition of producing precious wines, sought after throughout the world.

Donato deals with international exportation of selected brands and labels, symbols of the quality and hard-working nature of the Italian wine making sector.


And to seal this quality, Donato exports an exclusive range of white and red wines under its own brand to the reference market:

Sangiovese Rubicone and Trebbiano Rubicone.

A careful analysis and detailed search for high quality

and absolute refinement have resulted in the production of these two products,

full of body, aroma, and olfactory elegance.

Traditional Italian products and Donato's exclusive offers.

Following a careful search for quality and refinement,

Donato® now also bottles a range of red and white wines under its own brand, thus offering a high quality product on the market.


Cultivated from Romagna to Campania, Sangiovese is one of the most widespread Italian vintages.

Traditionally, it is the most commonly cultivated variety in Tuscany.

Sangiovese Rubicone

With its bright ruby red and intensely scented bouquet, it is a wine with a dry, decisive, and harmonious flavour. Ideal with the cuisine of Romagna, and excellent with roasted or grilled meat, it is a meal time wine. It is served at a temperature of 16-18 °C, and has a proof of 11.5% vol.

Trebbiano Rubicone, typical of the Emilia Romagna region,

is a wine that is fermented at a controlled temperature in order to maintain

the vintage's typical traits and scents unaltered.

Trebbiano Rubicone

The Charmat method provides a typical fine and persistent perlage, as well as the fresh and stimulating bouquet that exalts its sapidity.  With a clear yellow colour that then becomes golden and pure green, it is a wine with an enchanting scent of barrel, citrus, and wild herbs.

Its flavour has distinctive notes of lemon and dried fruit, perfect for starters, fish dishes, and boiled meat dishes.

We offer a wide range of Italian wines,

both white and red, selecting them among the most prestigious ones available, and exporting them throughout the world.


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