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All the emotion

of history and tradition

Aged in wooden barrels, this alcoholic beverage boasts enthusiasts and admirers the world over. Obtained from the distillation of fermented mashes of pure barley or of barley and cereals, Whisky tells the story of an ancient art of distillation dating back to the middle ages.

To this day, Whisky maintains - in commercial terms - unrivalled charm. Time, in the distilleries, appears to have stood still, and the entire productive process continues to respect an ancient ritual, which revives the distant past. And from grandparents, to parents, to children, the tradition continues.

Donato has managed to collect the heritage of an age-old history and thus to provide a product that is truly loved for its peculiarity: the experience and knowledge of such a charming world, which lives on in trade and distribution all over the world.

Based on these premises, Donato presents its own exclusive whisky line: Dun Eideann and The Doborn.

The heritage of an age-old history,


of an enchanting world

Dun Eideann

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Produced in Scotland, Single Malt Scotch Whisky owes its peculiarity and unmistakable flavour to the ingredients and to the production procedure: barley malt is left to germinate in water, and is fermented with yeast. It is then distilled exclusively in stills. This is how Dun Eideann is made: a unique flavour to be savoured and shared.

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The Doborn

Blended Scotch Whisky

Based on a Blend of several single whiskies, Blended Scotch Whisky obtains its definite and recognisable character from the specific combination of flavours from the various distilleries. Malts and Grains that form this blend are chosen in order to mix together and exalt their individual flavours. The result is a very characteristic product, with an aroma and flavour that are rich and simple at the same time.

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